Jado Max


My Favourite Quote

“A champion is afraid of losing. Everyone else is afraid of winning.”


Blessed with one of the best voices in the industry, Jado Max has been a Sports&Evening Radio Presenter Since February 2011 , with 11 Years of experience as Radio Presenter! He is known for hosting sports & entertainment talk shows, weekly sports reviews and live commentary. With his heavy voice and his reaction to goals during commentaries is just gift from God! Born in the Western Province in Rwanda 24 August 1989! At the age of 12, Jado Max already started experimenting with radio as a child, making news from immitating BBC legend Charles Hillary at home.
Once he hit the airwaves Jado was scouted by Radio Isangano and did sports news & entertainment news in the evening before Joining Flash FM in 2011 as Sports Radio Presenter/Commentator everyday with Showbizz columnist in Fridays&Saturdays ! He left Kiss FM in 2020 due to Covid Pandemic, but returned 2 years later and is currently the Co-Host in KissFM Drive.

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