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With Sandrine, Andy & Rusine

The KISS FM Breakfast is a show hosted by Sandrine Isheja, Andy Bumuntu and spiced up with the rib-cracking Patrick Rusine. Tune in and get a great start to your day, with information, entertainment, news and lots of laughter. The breakfast show is a compilation of great music, information and entertainment news from both Rwanda and the world. Get to follow the story and get the first scoop from celebrities. […]

My Favourite Quote

“You want to see a Miracle? Be the Miracle!”


Born in Kigali Rwanda , 5th in a family of six. As a child , my grand mother always told me ” Life is like clay and you are the potter, it can only become what you make of it ” and I lived by that. From graduating in Electrical and Electronic engineering to becoming a music and theater performer and later on entering the world of sports as an endurance athlete as well as currently waking up to deep conversations as a Breakfast Show Radio Host, I live to challenge myself and to uplift the community as I believe, that human potential is limitless,that there is always room to #BeBetter!

I am a people person and Family time is indispensable, my hobbies are cooking, reading , playing guitar and a long upcountry ride.




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