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Sandrine Isheja Butera was the last born in a family of 3 children. She studied Journalism and Communication and graduated with honours from the school of journalism and communication in 2012. Professionally Sandrine started working as a radio presenter in 2008 at a university radio station. From there she worked at several stations, becoming one of Rwanda’s favourite female personalities.

Arthur is an actor, dancer, comedian and radio presenter. He started theatre in 2004 with Mashirika performing arts group doing tours in UK & USA

Austin Luwano born to a Ugandan Father and a Rwandan mother. He has been in the radio business since he was 17 years old.

As a child, Antoinette Niyongira always dreamed of being a journalist. Her dreams came true in 2011, when she become a radio presenter.

Cyuzuzo Jeanne d’Arc is the last born in a family of two children. By 2014 she earned a degree in journalism with honors, and went on to get a Master’s degree in International relations.

Inspired by family members who were already in the industry, she grew up loving media with a soft spot for entertainment. She attended Miss Rwanda competition in 2015 where she was crowned Miss Heritage

He cooks his own African traditional meals most of the time. In his free time he is either listening to music or just talking to friends.