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Sandrine Isheja / Presenter

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Sandrine Isheja Butera was the last born in a family of 3 children. She studied Journalism and Communication and graduated with honours from the school of journalism and communication in 2012. Professionally Sandrine started working as a radio presenter in 2008 at a university radio station. From there she worked at several stations, becoming one of Rwanda’s favourite female personalities. Sandrine loves Chinese food and swimming. She can’t work without music! Her favourite colours are red, orange and green (but not on the same dress!) She likes people who make her laugh. She dislikes hypocrisy, lies and lazy people. If you are thinking of buying her a gift, it had better be shoes or a spa treatment! Believe it or not, this radio presenter claims to be shy!


My Favourite Quote

“Before You Die, Live!” ~ William Arthur Ward