Umumararungu Asina (Ashanti), a last born in the familly of two children. she studied economy and Finance in the University not because of her choice but due to the influence of her Uncle who always told her that she is brave and too much smart to do courses for ineffective people. One day she escorted a friend to a radio for a job interview and she ended up getting that job of her friend, guess why? she was too much talkative that day and entertaining everyone around her  that her voice drew attention of the employer and he asked her if she has ever thought of becoming a radio presenter. Since that day, Asina became a radio presenter and it was in 2010. She was still in her second year of university. Asina is a fluent French speaker and moderate in English. her style of dressing is smart casual and she likes high heels. she also likes reading, and watching drama, romantic movies and documentaries. At her free time,  she likes going out with friends  and family members. She is also  a good dancer.